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LeviiBeats may seem like his new to the scene but his not, his been in and around the industry since he was fifteen. Started out playing in bands as a bass player and vocalist (self-taught). Gained a wealth of knowledge/experience on the road and in recording studios learning his craft. In all that time being around top musicians and sound engineers/producers.

After many years of playing in one particular band and getting highly recognized for their talents they got signed. Unfortunately like many talented bands didn’t make the cut but was highly successful in that time.

LeviiBeats then ventured out on his own playing session in various bands,  just enjoying the gigging experience and being around music, like always. He then decided eventually this wasn’t enough and wanted to be more productive and start creating his own space in the music world.

This then led to him making beats, seems a lil strange that this is a completely different path, but not to him. His main music influences as a child was Soul, RnB, Hip Hop, Dance, Disco and many many more. Over the years his music taste has just grown and now listens to anything that catches his ear regardless of the genre. So to him this made sense, making beats is the way forward and allows him to be truly creative, having full input and putting his heart and soul into his creations. He is always looking for ways to improve and is currently teaching himself Piano/Keyboards. But bass being his main instrument is truly advantageous for the creations.

Now its time to share his creative skills to the world and allow people to use his beats/productions for real……

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